Humans are bad at investing in startups.
Just 2.5% of early-stage investments yield the target 20x+ return. Less than 5% of VC funds return the target 3x on investment.

The costs are massive. Founders with good ideas cannot access capital; LPs lose money, or avoid early-stage investing altogether; economic and social progress suffers.

Koble is fixing this with AI, combining groundbreaking technology and systematic strategies to re-engineer the economics of startup investing.
Years ago, hedge funds disrupted public markets with data science.
In the public markets, algorithmic trading decisions now represent 75%+ of total trading and AUM of $1+ trillion.
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We apply the same quantitative strategies that have disrupted public markets to early-stage startup investing.
We're using technology to smooth the distribution of returns, creating risk-adjusted performance that crushes traditional human-centric funds.
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We’re at an inflection point in private markets.
Petabytes of data, new technologies, and the relentless drive for alpha are accelerating the adoption of quantitative strategies. Koble routes investment to the people and ideas that deserve it most – making capital work harder for founders, investors, and society.
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The future of startup investing is systematic. And at Koble, we’re building it.