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Founderfit by Koble - See how you compare to VC-backed founders | Product Hunt

A better way to select startups

Koble’s data-driven assessment helps accelerators and incubators streamline their selection process so they can focus on the most promising founders.

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Industries Business model Development stage Ask ValuationFood and Beverage B2C Idea $150k $700kBottom 20th percentileTeamStartup expertise Domain expertise Tech Skills Growth SkillsLow Medium Low Low20thpercentileVortex EnergyKOBLE OVERVIEW
Industries Business model Development stage Ask ValuationMarketing, AI B2B, SaaS Post-revenue $220k $1mTop 90th percentileTeamStartup expertise Domain expertise Tech Skills Growth SkillsAverage High Low Very High60thpercentileUnicorn IncKOBLE OVERVIEW
Industries Business model Development stage Ask ValuationHealth, Sports B2C Pre-revenue $100k $475k50th percentileTeamStartup expertise Domain expertise Tech Skills Growth SkillsLow Medium High Low50thpercentileCogent HealthKOBLE OVERVIEW

We work with

Founders Factory
Zero 1

How it works

  • Founders submit their startup to your unique Koble portal as part of your application process

  • Koble’s algorithms score and grade each startup based on your acceptance criteria

  • Review your triaged deal flow against data-driven industry benchmarks in your private portal

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Why Koble ?

Triage your dealflow.
Know where to focus.

We’ve built an entirely new suite of algorithms based on human decision patterns to help you rank, score and grade startups in your funnel.

Triage your dealflow in seconds so you can easily focus on the most promising founders. It’s the best way to select startups for your accelerator or incubator.

Your places are limited.
Make better decisions.

Koble helps inform your selection process based on key benchmarks across market, team, traction and product.

By leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning, our platform empowers accelerators and incubators to make better decisions when selecting startups.

Power up your analysts.
Never miss a unicorn.

Pitch deck submissions and warm introductions create an overwhelming volume of startups for your team to assess.

But you can’t afford to miss the next Google or WhatsApp. Our AI-powered algorithms and uniform, data-driven format means you can be confident you’ll never miss a deal.

Scoring our founders was exactly as I hoped it would be. Founders I intuitively feel are great scored well. I also really like how Koble’s algorithm can determine the optimum co-founding team configuration.

Paul Egan CTO of Founders Factory


Koble is private, by default.

No one can see any information about the startups in your deal pipeline who you send to Koble.

At Koble, we are very much data-focused. For us, data is at the very core of our product. To score a startup we need to receive the qualitative and quantitative information about a startup. We use this information to provide you with data-driven insights to augment your investment analysis.

Therefore, we take the respect and protection of your data privacy and security very seriously.


We’ve built algorithms from the ground up that can score and grade a startup and benchmark it against thousands of others. We evaluate team, market, competition, traction and go-to-market, product, business model, timing and financial viability.

We make all these scores clearly visible and auditable to you in clear and detailed reports. So you can efficiently triage deal flow on a like-for-like basis.

Koble ranks the startup into an overall percentile. We also give individual rankings against team, market, competition, traction and go-to-market, product, business model, timing and financial viability. As we know different investors prioritise different elements when assessing an opportunity.

We know different investors place different levels of importance of elements of a startup. For example, some may only consider post revenue, whereas others don’t place importance on early monetisation.

As they say, if everyone thought the same then we wouldn’t have horse races. So we’re working hard to build functionality so you can configure how your scores are generated. We'll let you know when it's ready!

We don’t tell you whether or not to invest in a startup. That’s your job. You’re the expert.

We help you triage dealflow. So you can put your analyst to work more efficiently and de-risk missing the next Facebook.

We agree - there is a lot of complexity and variations to consider. We firmly believe there will be a generational shift in how data is used to make early stage investment decisions. We compare our work to the first actuarial or public market investment algorithms.

History shows us that data takes over all walks of life. It wasn't that long ago that investments in public markets were informed by which journalist you could take out for lunch, and multi million dollar ad campaigns were decided by a small group of "Mad Men". Even every major football team now has an entire function dedicated to step by step player analysis.

Reports are emailed to you and also held within your Koble portal.

If you disagree with the content and ranking in our report we encourage you to discuss this with us.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.