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Take your startup from idea to investment.

We’ve collated data from thousands of startups so you can understand your chances of success, relative to the rest. Then we give you tailored guidance on exactly what you need to do to get investment ready and grow your startup.

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Our mission

Building a startup is the hardest job in the world. There’s practically no help. This forces new founders to wing it. Which is why more than 90% of startups fail.

So we built Koble: To give every aspiring entrepreneur the support they need to change the world.

What is Koble

Koble is a software platform that helps you succeed in the early stages of building your startup. Think Y-Combinator but automated, data-driven, and scalable.

How it works


Tell us about your startup idea.

Every startup idea is unique. But Koble understands the nuances of your startup - just like a human would.

We’ve collected and organized data from thousands of startups to help you better understand your chances of success and how you measure up against the rest.


Understand the risks you face.

We use this data to evaluate the unique risks your startup faces - across product, market, team, and go-to-market.

Our algorithms have the equivalent knowledge and expertise of thousands of entrepreneurs and investors. But without human fault or inherent bias.


Get guidance. Step by step.

Based on these risks, Koble prioritises actionable next steps that are proven to tangibly improve your startup’s chances of success.

We give you tailored guidance on exactly what you need to learn, plan and do to succeed.


Reach out to investors when you’re ready.

Raising money is a daunting task. Spamming investors and getting rejected is exhausting. But without funding, your startup idea goes nowhere.

We guide you on what you need to do in the real world to get investment ready. Then, you can confidently reach out to investors in just one click.

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It felt like having an experienced co-founder on our side. It helped us develop our idea and get our first investment - we’ve now raised over £3 million and are growing quickly.

Rachael Cook CEO of Lifted


  • Accelerators and incubators take equity in your startup before you’re able to tell whether they are right for you

    Accelerators and incubators take a percentage in your business upfront. That’s almost a ‘one-way door’ decision: from that point, you’re tied to them - whether you like it or not. If you realise that they’re not the right fit, switching to another program isn’t easy.

    We believe that, in the early stages of developing their business, entrepreneurs should have a lot of guidance - but also complete freedom. So we don’t tie them down in any way.

    In fact, we generate most of our revenue from the investors that we’re pairing you with. This way, you can test - risk-free - whether we’re right for you.

  • Accelerators and incubators accept only 2% of applications

    Accelerators and incubators’ admission processes mean that they accept only 2% of the businesses that apply. That doesn’t imply that the 98% rejected aren’t great - many startups, like SendGrid and ChartBoost, have been rejected by accelerators yet gone on to raise more than $20 million.

    One of our main goals is to open up entrepreneurship to founders who might otherwise experience obstructions. We’ve designed our platform so it can help anybody who has a startup idea.

  • Accelerators and incubators require you to follow their schedule, and often to relocate

    We recognise that life is busy and that we all have commitments; not everybody can quit their job or move across the country to join an accelerator.

    With Koble, you can work in your own time, and from wherever you are.

  • Applying to accelerators and incubators takes a lot of time and effort

    We believe that founders need to dedicate their time and energy to growing their startup.

    All the time founders spend talking to investors or filling out application forms takes them away from what they should really be doing: writing code and talking to users.

    With Koble, alerting investors that you’re ready to raise capital takes just one click. We’ll help you connect and prepare, so you can focus on growing your startup.

  • Accelerators and incubators do not tailor their program to your particular needs

    Virtual accelerators tend to be traditional programs shoehorned into a one-size-fits-all Zoom experience.

    Koble is individually tailored: at every step, our specially curated content adapts to you and your startup. And our experts are on hand to give you specific feedback to help accelerate your startup.

No, Koble doesn’t do this.

We believe that, in the early stages of developing their business, entrepreneurs should have a lot of guidance - but also complete freedom. Your equity is a valuable asset that’s better used to incentivise investors and key team members.

We generate 90% of our revenue from the investors that we’re pairing you with. This way, you can test - risk-free - whether Koble is right for you.


We don’t take any equity, or tie you into any contracts. There’s a rich startup ecosystem out there; other programs might also be great for you. If you think joining one is beneficial to you and your startup, then we fully encourage you to go for it.

At a minimum, we hope that Koble will increase your chances of acceptance. And of course, if you’re not sure about it, one of our experts would be happy to discuss your options.

  • Your startup idea will be structured in an investor-friendly way, so you’ll be ready to pitch
  • You’ll understand the main assumptions you’ll need to focus on proving in the next stage
  • Initial validation with real users will be complete
  • Your startup will have been scored
  • You’ll have a pitch deck
  • You’ll (hopefully) have secured investment

Every company is unique. Your Koble experience will be equally unique; this is not a generic, templated program.

Our content adapts to you and your idea. You may be a first-time founder or a seasoned entrepreneur. Your startup could be B2B, B2C, a platform, or consumer-focused.

With both our programs, Standard and Plus, you’ll receive feedback at set stages, including strategic advice to help you adjust priorities as you learn and get results.

The Plus program gives access to a dedicated startup expert. By taking the time to understand your business and to help you understand how to validate and launch, their feedback is tailored accordingly.

We use a blended approach of humans and technology to score your startup, which enables us to better understand and score each startup’s chance of raising investment.

By building algorithms that rank the startups on Koble, our experts are given the tools to make better-informed scoring decisions.

Our score can then guide your decision of when to open your startup to investors.