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About us

Koble is a software platform that helps entrepreneurs raise investment at Pre-Seed and Seed.

Our industry-first algorithms replicate the analytical and intuitive decision patterns VCs use when evaluating how investable a startup is. Accurate scoring means we can give tailored advice to founders so they have a fundraising edge

Investors benefit too. They're empowered to analyse Pre-Seed and Seed startups at a fraction of the current costs and make better investment decisions.

Meet the founders

Damian and Guy met through a mutual friend in 2016. Shortly after they co-founded a venture builder, Zero 1. There they launched three tech startups and raised $8 million in venture capital, notably Lifted and Heata. They felt founders and investors suffered from lacking a quantitative approach in the early stage, and firmly believed a better solution was possible. In 2020 (after two years of lengthy discussions and technical research) they went full steam into Koble.

Damian Cristian

Damian’s passion is maths and data. He’s obsessed with launching tech products and is the force behind bringing Koble to market. Originally from Transylvania, he’s an engineer turned serial entrepreneur.

He moved to London in 2012 to cut his teeth in a global start-up ecosystem. After spending 2-years as Global Product Lead at Aviva’s Digital Garage he went on to co-found Zero 1 and then Koble.

Damian Cristian

Guy Conway

Guy is an entrepreneur at heart but started off at the opposite end, studying engineering and working as a management consultant (Accenture and KPMG). Realising his entrepreneurial bug would never be satisfied, he decided an MBA would point him in the right direction.

He studied at London Business School. Upon graduation Guy co-founded Zero 1 where he led Pre-Seed ventures. He loves the challenge of commercialising early stage tech.

Gun Conway