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See how you compare to VC-backed founders

We use the exact criteria VCs use to evaluate you as a founder. Calculate your founder-market fit and compare yourself to the top startup founders.

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You’re in the top 7oth percentile in comparison to other founders.percentileth70Your scoreABDHow you compareBuilt a business Raised venture capital Previous companiesYes Yes – $3 million Google, FacebookPrevious roles Universities MajorsProduct Management Stanford BusinessFounderStartupDescriptionIndustries Business ModelMobile app that helps users reach their savings goals by gamifying positive financial habits. Financial Services, Software SaaS

Calculate your founder-market fit

Early stage investors evaluate your startup by deciding if you’re a good fit for the business you’re trying to build. They call this founder-market fit. But unconscious bias gets in the way. So we’ve developed a better approach.


Understand how VCs rate your experience

Our algorithms crunch thousands of data points so we can tell you how VCs will perceive you compared to other successful founders. We use the exact criteria VCs use to evaluate you - across experience, personality, and founder story.

Founder storyExperiencePersonalityCOMING SOONCOMING SOON

Compare yourself to VC-backed founders

See how you stack up against the strongest founders from the most promising startups. Know your likelihood of success and get insight into the challenges you might face. We’re here to give you a fundraising edge.

54FounderFounderFounderFounderYour experience2 3 41Your founder-market fit

Know what to look for in your perfect co-founder

Our algorithms show you what to look for in a co-founder. Give investors complete confidence in your founding team by selecting the perfect co-founder to fully complement your skillset.

Your ideal co-founder traitsStartup expertise Domain expertise Technical expertise Operational skills Growth skillsProfileIdeally, your co-founding team would include a domain expert with technical skills


Founderfit report

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Calculate your founder-market fit and compare yourself to top startup founders.

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Brought to you by Koble

Founderfit is a tool brought to you by Koble - we help you understand your chances of success based on the exact investment criteria investors use to evaluate your startup.

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Koble is private, by default. No one can see any of what you share with us.

At Koble, we are very much data-focused. Data is at the very core of our product. Therefore, we take the respect and protection of your data privacy and security very seriously.


Our algorithms assess you and your startup with a high level of sophistication. You may be a first-time founder or a seasoned entrepreneur. Your startup could be B2B SaaS, B2C, or a marketplace. Whatever your idea, we’ll compare you to VC backed founders and give you recommendations on what your perfect co-founder looks like.

The Founderfit score consists of five parts: startup expertise, domain expertise, technical skills, growth skills, and ops & logistics skills.

You will be given an overall score based on how you compare to VC-backed founders as well as a score for each of these parts. You can compare yourself to specific cohorts (like Y Combinator) too.

Your report will also tell you your ideal co-founder traits.

We know that’s important too. We’re working hard to build this into our algorithm.

Reports are emailed to you and also held within your Koble portal.

Of course. If you would like to speak to one of our team please email us at hello@koble.ai.

If you disagree with the content and ranking in our report we encourage you to discuss this with us.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Koble is a software platform that helps entrepreneurs understand their investment readiness. We’ve built industry-leading algorithms to score how investable a startup is. Accurate scoring means we can give specific and personalised advice to a founder to give them a fundraising edge.

Investors benefit too. Our data-driven insights augment their investment decisions and can help to remove unconscious bias from the process too.