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Founderfit by Koble - See how you compare to VC-backed founders | Product Hunt

The first quant-analyst for startups

Koble gives a data-driven approach to assessing a startup’s potential. Reduce bias, increase diversity and improve portfolio performance.

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COMPANY SUMMARYCogent HealthThis startup is in the Top 50th percentile, compared to similar startups for this development stage and business model.Industries Business model Development stage Ask ValuationHealth, Sports Marketplace, B2C Pre-revenue $120k N/A50th percentileBusiness modelScalability potential Defensibility potential Profitability potentialMediumLow High50thpercentileProductMVP Monetisable product Distance to scalable productBuilt Not built Large70thpercentileRecommended next stepWe advise to continue following Cogent Health’s progress before making a final investment decisionTractionStage Customers on waitlist Paying customersN/A N/A N/A

How it works

  • Startups in your deal pipeline submit their information to your unique Koble portal

  • Koble’s algorithms score and grade startups based on your investment criteria

  • Review your triaged deal flow against data-driven industry benchmarks

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Why Koble ?

As humans, we’re inherently biased.

Quick and almost unconscious decisions aren’t always optimal or accurate. But without verified data at our fingertips there’s often no other way.

We’ve benchmarked thousands of startups against key performance metrics in a uniform, data driven format. So you can be confident in evaluating investment opportunities without resorting to heuristics and bias.

82Team scoreConsiderationsRatio of users to paying customers suggest that they are struggling to convert users and generate revenueRecommended next stepWe advise to meet the team and analyse a potential investment decisionTractionStage Customers on waitlist Paying customersPublic Beta 3,000 3,000Business modelScalability potential Defensibility potential Profitability potentialVery High High / Nfx AverageProductMVP Distance to monetisable productBuilt Low70thpercentileMarket size Needs adjacencies to reach £100M Market competitivenessVery Large No Average to HighMarket70thpercentile70thpercentileTeamStartup expertise Domain expertise Tech Skills Growth SkillsVery high Very high High Very high90thpercentile

Analysts are drowning in deal flow.

Pitch deck submissions and warm introductions create an overwhelming volume and velocity of deals for you to assess.

Koble helps you rank, score, and grade startups in your funnel. Investment decisions are still your job - you’re the experts - we’re just here to provide more data to help.

You can’t afford to miss the next unicorn.

A 2% management fee limits the size and seniority of talent you can employ to evaluate investments. But you can’t afford to miss the next Google or Whatsapp.

Power up your analysts with Koble. Our AI powered algorithms have the equivalent knowledge and expertise of thousands of the best investors so you’ll never miss a deal.

Top 90th percentileUnicorn Inc

Koble for funds

  • Multiple licenses
  • Private investor portal
  • Detailed startup analysis
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Koble is private, by default.

No one can see any information about the startups in your deal pipeline who you send to Koble.

At Koble, we are very much data-focused. For us, data is at the very core of our product. To score a startup we need to receive the qualitative and quantitative information about a startup. We use this information to provide you with data-driven insights to augment your investment analysis.

Therefore, we take the respect and protection of your data privacy and security very seriously.


We’ve built algorithms from the ground up that can score and grade a startup and benchmark it against thousands of others. We evaluate team, market, competition, traction and go-to-market, product, business model, timing and financial viability.

We make all these scores clearly visible and auditable to you in clear and detailed reports. So you can efficiently triage deal flow on a like-for-like basis.

Koble ranks the startup into an overall percentile. We also give individual rankings against team, market, competition, traction and go-to-market, product, business model, timing and financial viability. As we know different investors prioritise different elements when assessing an opportunity.

We know different investors place different levels of importance of elements of a startup. For example, some may only consider post revenue, whereas others don’t place importance on early monetisation.

As they say, if everyone thought the same then we wouldn’t have horse races. So we’re working hard to build functionality so you can configure how your scores are generated. We'll let you know when it's ready!

We don’t tell you whether or not to invest in a startup. That’s your job. You’re the expert.

We help you triage dealflow. So you can put your analyst to work more efficiently and de-risk missing the next Facebook.

We agree - there is a lot of complexity and variations to consider. We firmly believe there will be a generational shift in how data is used to make early stage investment decisions. We compare our work to the first actuarial or public market investment algorithms.

History shows us that data takes over all walks of life. It wasn't that long ago that investments in public markets were informed by which journalist you could take out for lunch, and multi million dollar ad campaigns were decided by a small group of "Mad Men". Even every major football team now has an entire function dedicated to step by step player analysis.

Reports are emailed to you and also held within your Koble portal.

If you disagree with the content and ranking in our report we encourage you to discuss this with us.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.